Day After Night

9 best books like Day After Night (Anita Diamant): The Lost Girls of Paris, The Secret Wife of Aaron Burr, Poe's Children: The New Horror, The Free World, The Ransom of Mercy Carter, Jewelweed, Jacob's Oath, The Flamboya Tree: Memories of a Family's War Time Courage, Soul of the Border

The Lost Girls of Paris
AuthorPam Jenoff
From the author of the runaway bestseller The Orphan’s Tale comes a remarkable story of friendship and courage centered around three women and a ring of female spies during World War II.

1946, Manhattan

Grace Healey is rebuilding her life after losing her husband during the war....
The Secret Wife of Aaron Burr
AuthorSusan Holloway Scott
Inspired by a woman and events forgotten by history, bestselling author Susan Holloway Scott weaves together carefully researched fact and fiction to tell the story of Mary Emmons, and the place she held in the life--and the heart--of the notorious Aaron Burr.

He was a hero of the Revolution,...
Poe's Children: The New Horror
AuthorPeter Straub
From the incomparable master of horror and suspense comes an electrifying collection of contemporary literary horror, with stories from twenty-five writers representing today’s most talented voices in the genre.

Horror writing is usually associated with formulaic gore, but New...
AuthorDavid Bezmozgis
A New York Times Notable Book for 2011 A Globe and Mail Best Books of the Year 2011 Title Summer, 1978. Brezhnev sits like a stone in the Kremlin, Israel and Egypt are inching towards peace, and in the bustling, polyglot streets of Rome, strange new creatures have appeared: Soviet Jews who have escaped...
AuthorCaroline B. Cooney
Deerfield, Massachusetts is one of the most remote, and therefore dangerous, settlements in the English colonies. In 1704 an Indian tribe attacks the town, and Mercy Carter becomes separated from the rest of her family, some of whom do not survive. Mercy and hundreds of other settlers are herded together...
AuthorDavid Rhodes
With Jewelweed this beloved author returns to the same out-of-the-way community as Driftless and introduces a cast of characters who must overcome the burdens left by the past. After serving time for a dubious conviction, Blake Bookchester is paroled. As Blake attempts to adjust, he reconnects with...
AuthorMartin Fletcher
As World War II winds to a close, Europe's roads are clogged with twenty million exhausted refugees walking home. Among them are Jacob and Sarah, lonely Holocaust survivors who meet in Heidelberg. But Jacob is consumed with hatred and cannot rest until he has killed his brother’s murderer, a concentration...
The Flamboya Tree: Memories of a Family's War Time Courage
AuthorClara Olink Kelly
“The Flamboya Tree is a fascinating story that will leave the reader informed about a missing piece of the World War II experience, and in awe of one family’s survival.”
—It is a well-known fact that war, any war, is senseless and degrading. When innocent people are brought into that war...
Soul of the Border
AuthorMatteo Righetto
The first novel in a trilogy set on the border between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the late 19th century. A young woman seeks the truth behind her father's disappearance.

Every year, Augusto De Boer undertakes a treacherous journey through the Italian Alps, smuggling his family's...
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