Bite Club

5 best books like Bite Club (Rachel Caine): Defiance, Awakened, Bleeding Hearts, Lost in Time, Love Bites

AuthorLili St. Crow
*Read on the 13th of April 2011*

Hmmm, what to say, what to say.....
First off, I loved it, and second....I hated it. Well, not really. I didn’t actually hate it, but I was frustrated by it and excited and shocked and angry and well, you get my point. It was both everything I wanted and everything...
AuthorP.C. Cast
Exonerated by the Vampyre High Council and returned to her position of High Priestess at Tulsa’s House of Night, Neferet has sworn vengeance on Zoey. Dominion over her immortal consort Kalona is only one of the weapons she plans to use against Z. But Zoey has found sanctuary on the Isle of Skye and is...
Bleeding Hearts
AuthorAlyxandra Harvey
Watch Alyxandra talking about her new book 'Bleeding Hearts'

The Drakes and friends will be tested when an infestation of deadly vampires threatens Violet Hill.

Lucy's cousin Christabel has come to live in Violet Hill, and adjusting to the difference between life in a small mountain...
Lost in Time
AuthorMelissa de la Cruz
The stakes have never been higher for the young Blue Bloods of Manhattan. After their brief yet beautiful bonding ceremony in Italy, Schuyler Van Alen and Jack Force depart for Egypt, desperate to find the elusive Gate of Promise before Jack must face his twin, Mimi, for a blood trial. A blood trial that...
Love Bites
AuthorEllen Schreiber
Alexander's parents went back to Romania so Raven and Alexander have the whole creepy mansion to their selves except for the butler. Any this particular book Sebastian comes to visit Alexander. Sebastian is Alexander's best friend and Raven had no clue that Alexander even had a best friend....
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