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7 best books like Around the Year (Elsa Beskow): Big Red Barn, Little Fur Family, Rome Antics, 95 Poems, Richard Scarry's Best First Book Ever!, Black Country Stories, Codex Seraphinianus. Ein Orbis Pictus des Universums der Phantasie.

Big Red Barn
AuthorMargaret Wise Brown
Another book has migrated downstairs for my review. Before I wrote this review, I had to do a little research on the author. I vaguely remembered that she had no children and died young -- I was right: she never married, had no children and died of a post-surgery blood clot in 1952 at the age of 42. Yet her work...
Little Fur Family
AuthorMargaret Wise Brown
There was a little fur family
warm as toast
smaller than most
in little fur coats
and they lived in a warm wooden tree.

The Little Fur Family tells the story of a little fur child's day in the woods. The day ends when his big fur parents tuck him in bed "all soft and warm," and sing...
AuthorDavid Macaulay
A pigeon carrying an important message takes the reader on a unique tour through Rome. As we follow the path of this somewhat wayward bird, we discover that Rome is a place where past and present live side by side. It is a city that has been recycling itself for two thousand years, but unlike a museum, Rome...
AuthorE.E. Cummings
Published in 1958, 95 Poems is the last book of new poems published in Cummings's lifetime. Remarkable for its vigor, freshness, interest in ordinary individuals, and awareness of the human life cycle, the book reflects Cummings's observations on nature and his prevailing gratitude for whatever...
Richard Scarry's Best First Book Ever!
AuthorRichard Scarry
This is an excellent book for reading with the kiddos and has all sorts of fun things for them to learn...

That said, I will warn you that, in my experience, it's best not to discuss the characters Huckle and Mr. Frumple at the same time, because then your 2.5-year-old son will conflate them into...
Black Country Stories
AuthorMartin Parr
Martin Parr was born in Epsom, Surrey, UK in 1952. When he was a boy, his budding interest in the medium of photography was encouraged by his grandfather George Parr, himself a keen amateur photographer.

Parr studied photography at Manchester Polytechnic, from 1970-1973. Since that time,...
Codex Seraphinianus. Ein Orbis Pictus des Universums der Phantasie.
AuthorLuigi Serafini
Questo codice miniato fantastico e misterioso, "l'enciclopedia di un visionario" (nella definizione di Italo Calvino), continua da anni ad affascinarci per la sua capacità di rivelazione, che si cela dietro l'enigma di una grafia chiarissima eppure sfuggente. Una nuova edizione, arricchita...
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