A Stolen Crown

7 best books like A Stolen Crown (Jordan Baker): Uncrowned, The Choice of Magic, The Path of Flames, Provenance, The Sorcerer's Ascension, The Sorcerer's Legacy, The Sorcerer's Torment

AuthorWill Wight
Emriss Silentborn, Memory of the World.
Tiberian Arelius, the fallen Patriarch.
Akura Malice, Queen of Shadows.
Seshethkunaaz, King of Dragons.
Reigan Shen, Emperor of Lions.
Luminous Queen Sha Miara.
The Eight-Man Empire.

The Monarchs,...
The Choice of Magic
AuthorMichael G. Manning
The ancient magic of wizards was anything but dark. It was the enlightenment that lifted humanity from the squalor of superstition, and the worship of fell spirits and capricious gods, but those days are gone. The shining glory of the sorcerers burned away the subtlety of wisdom, replacing it with easy...
The Path of Flames
AuthorPhil Tucker
A war fueled by the dark powers of forbidden sorcery is about to engulf the Ascendant Empire. Agerastian heretics, armed with black fire and fueled by bitter hatred, seek to sever the ancient portals that unite the empire - and in so doing destroy it.

Asho--a squire with a reviled past--sees...
AuthorKristopher Cruz
Spellscribed is a series of fantasy novels revolving around the protagonist, a young and inexperienced Wizard named Endrance. Born the night that the Archmagus Valeria died, Endrance was gifted with the talent and mind for magic. He'd proven that he was more than capable of mastering the forces of...
The Sorcerer's Ascension
AuthorBrock E. Deskins
Torn from a life of comfort and luxury, his family destroyed by political intrigues and aspirations, a young boy must quickly grow into a man before the deadly streets of Southport devour him. Follow Azerick through a page-turning adventure that pits him against thieves, thugs, murderers, and men...
AuthorBrock E. Deskins
This audiobook continues the story of a young Sorcerer search for a life of security and happiness, but just when things seem to be working out for Azerick, someone else tries to murder him! I really enjoyed the character development in this book, as we see Azerick coming more into his own and developing...
The Sorcerer's Torment
AuthorBrock E. Deskins
Book 2 of the Sorcerer's Path: Forced to flee The Academy after accidentally killing another student, Azerick sets sail to start a new life and a new home from where he can continue to grow in power so that he may avenge his father's murder.

However, the fates have not finished with the young sorcerer....
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