26 Fairmount Avenue

10 best books like 26 Fairmount Avenue (Tomie dePaola): Upon the Head of the Goat: A Childhood in Hungary 1939-1944, Downright Dencey, Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night, Show Way, The Voice That Challenged a Nation: Marian Anderson and the Struggle for Equal Rights, The Jumping-Off Place, The Loner, Carver: A Life in Poems, Whittington, Graven Images

AuthorAranka Siegal
The classic true story of one child's experiences during the holocaust.

Nine-year-old Piri describes the bewilderment of being a Jewish child during the 1939-1944 German occupation of her hometown (then in Hungary and now in the Ukraine) and relates the ordeal of trying to survive in the...
AuthorCaroline Dale Snedeker
This treasure of a novel, a Newbery Honor Book, is set on the island of Nantucket just before the War of 1812. Much more than a tale of whaling ships and gentle Quaker eccentricities, it is a tale of friendship-the kind most truly espoused by these 'plain' folk, with all the struggle and complexity one should...
AuthorJoyce Sidman
A 2011 Newbery Honor Book

Come feel the cool and shadowed breeze,
come smell your way among the trees,
come touch rough bark and leathered leaves:
Welcome to the night.

Welcome to the night, where mice stir and furry moths flutter. Where snails spiral into shells...
AuthorJacqueline Woodson
Soonie's great-grandma was just seven years old when she was sold to a big plantation without her ma and pa, and with only some fabric and needles to call her own. She pieced together bright patches with names like North Star and Crossroads, patches with secret meanings made into quilts called Show Ways...
AuthorRussell Freedman
"A voice like yours," celebrated conductor Arturo Toscanini told contralto Marian Anderson, "is heard once in a hundred years." This insightful account of the great African American vocalist considers her life and musical career in the context of the history of civil rights in this country. Drawing...
AuthorMarian Hurd McNeely
This book follows the story of Becky (17), Dick (15), Phil (10) and Joan (8) Linville as they leave behind their home in Platteville, Wisconsin to homestead out in South Dakota in 1910. Their beloved Uncle Jim squatted the claim last fall, before his untimely death, and the children are determined to...
AuthorEster Wier
Excellent story that I am sad to have never encountered before. It moves quickly, but covers a lot. There are a couple of early episodes that gave me a false sense of what the book would be, but after those, it settles in to a pretty focused setting and group of characters. One of those early episodes is very...
AuthorMarilyn Nelson
George Washington Carver was born a slave in Missouri about 1864 and was raised by the childless white couple who had owned his mother. In 1877 he left home in search of an education, eventually earning a master's degree. In 1896, Booker T. Washington invited Carver to start the agricultural department...
AuthorAlan Armstrong
This Newbery-Honor winning tale introduces Whittington, a roughneck Tom who arrives one day at a barn full of rescued animals and asks for a place there. He spins for the animals—as well as for Ben and Abby, the kids whose grandfather does the rescuing—a yarn about his ancestor, the nameless cat...
AuthorPaul Fleischman
Paul Fleischman spins three engrossing stories about the unexpected ways an artist's creations reveal truths - tales whose intriguing plots and many moods will entertain readers and inspire future writers.

Can wood, copper, or marble communicate? They can if they are the graven images...
AuthorPatricia Lauber
May 18, 1980, 8:32 A.M.: An earthquake suddenly triggered an avalanche on Mount St. Helens, a volcano in southern Washington State. Minutes later, Mount St. Helens blew the top off its peak and exploded into the most devastating volcanic eruption in U.S. history.

What caused the eruption?...
AuthorNorma Fox Mazer
At fifteen, Rachel is a worrier. She worries about whether her family understands her, whether her friends like her, and whether she'll get her first kiss before she turns sixteen. And she worries about whether she can handle having a real boyfriend if he does come along.

But it takes a dying...
AuthorIsaac Bashevis Singer
"In our time, when literature is losing its address and the telling of stories is becoming a forgotten art, children are the best readers."

—When Shlemiel Went to Warsaw & Other Stories, from the Foreward

I have to admit, Isaac Bashevis Singer really has a way with folk tale humor....
AuthorMary Stolz
At last, Mary Stolz's 1962 Newbery Honor-winning book is back. And now, for the first time, the classic story is brought to life with colorful illustrations in a picture book format. Award-winning illustrator Pierre Pratt adds whimsical new art to this charming tale about two little mice assigned...
AuthorMari Sandoz
Praised for swift action and beauty of language, The Horsecatcher is Mari Sandoz's first novel about the Indians she knew so well. Without ever leaving the world of a Cheyenne tribe in the 1830s, she creates a youthful protagonist many readers will recognize in themselves. Young Elk is expected to be...
AuthorMavis Jukes
This is a brief story about an episode in the life of Alex and his stepfather, Jake. The two are not close, and a wolf spider on the porch brings them both the opportunity to start building a relationship. Since the story is so short, there is much left out. And the episode with the spider can read like slapstick....
AuthorCornelia Meigs
One of five Newbery Honor Books for 1922, the year the award was first established, The Windy Hill is the story of fifteen-year-old Oliver Peyton, who, together with his younger sister Janet, comes to stay with his Cousin Jasper at his home in Medford Valley. Resentful at Cousin Jasper's unprecedented...
AuthorKathryn Lasky
Prolific children's author Kathryn Lasky tells the story of sugaring season - that "time between the seasons... when winter seems tired and spring is only a hoped for thing" - in this beautifully-written work of picture-book non-fiction. Her lyrical but informative text is paired with her husband...
AuthorVirginia Hamilton
I read this book of creation stories and cosmogonies from around the world out-loud to my 8-year-old daughter to try and balance out the Christian stories that she is deluged by in American culture. Many children have no idea that predominant western religions did not develop in a vacuum, but are threads...
AuthorRhoda Blumberg
In 1853, few Japanese people knew that a country called America even existed. For centuries, Japan had isolated itself from the outside world by refusing to trade with other countries and even refusing to help shipwrecked sailors, foreign or Japanese. The country's people still lived under a feudal...
AuthorMiska Miles
Annie is a young Navajo girl who lives with her mother, father, and grandmother. Grandmother announces one day that she will be rejoining Mother Earth as soon as she finishes weaving her Navajo rug. Annie, distraught at the impending reality of life without Grandmother, begins to sabotage...
AuthorNatalie Babbitt
From the moment young Egan arrives in Instep, he senses the spell cast over the villagers by the Megrimum--the mysterious something that lurks on the mist-wreathed peak of Kneeknock Rise. Everyone shudders in horror--delicious horror--whenever the Megrimum's unearthly wail floats down to the...
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