Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes

6 best books like Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes (Robert Louis Stevenson): The House of Dead Maids, The Darling Buds of May, Sleeping Dogs, The Love Poems, Autumn Light: Season of Fire and Farewells, Dyrene i Afrika

AuthorClare B. Dunkle
Young Tabby Aykroyd has been brought to the dusty mansion of Seldom House to be nursemaid to a foundling boy. He is a savage little creature, but the Yorkshire moors harbor far worse, as Tabby soon discovers. Why do scores of dead maids and masters haunt Seldom House with a jealous devotion that extends...
The Darling Buds of May
AuthorH.E. Bates
The Darling Buds of May, which came out in 1958, was the first of five Larkin novels and in it readers witness the transformation of Mr. Charlton from a undernourished and timid tax clerk to ‘Charlie’, a fully-converted member of the Larkin way of life: an easygoing celebration of nature, food, drink,...
AuthorSonya Hartnett
This book is so hard for me to rate - on one hand Sonia Hartnett's writing is stunning and I love how this is like an Aussie version of Faulkner's The Sound and the fury, one of my all time favourite novels. I'd go as far to say that Hartnett's writing is right up there with the greats. I just found that firstly,...
AuthorJohn Donne
John Donne's standing as one of the greatest poets in the English language is now thoroughly established, and critics such as T. S. Eliot and F. R. Leavis have found in Donne's poetry qualities profoundly responsive to the modern age. While Donne is famous for his religious poetry, his love poems are...
Autumn Light: Season of Fire and Farewells
AuthorPico Iyer
From one of our most astute observers of human nature, a far-reaching exploration of Japanese history and culture and a moving meditation on impermanence, mortality, and grief.

For years, Pico Iyer has split his time between California and Nara, Japan, where he and his Japanese wife, Hiroko,...
Dyrene i Afrika
AuthorErlend Loe
Dyrene i Afrika er en historie om avmakt, aktivisme, avvik og tøylesløst begjær. Fem enkeltpersoner - en tannlege, en biolog, en filmklipper, en forfatter og en politietterforsker - kjenner dragninger og tilbøyeligheter de ikke forstår hvor kommer fra. De gjennomgår en radikaliseringsprosess...
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